On World Health Day

The 7th April was "On World Health Day" where we attended a round table and a promotional booth, located on the premises of the Centre for Social Work in Škofja Loki in order to increase the visibility Šentovih programs in local communities where we are less present. 

Carousel CULTURE


Youth Health and Holiday thick ness, 23-25th September 2008

In the European Year of "Intercultural Dialogue" we organized in collaboration with EURO PSY Rehabilitation Association a festival of psychosocial rehabilitation, which we named Carousel culture.

Since 2008 this event has been dedicated to intercultural dialogue. We pay special attention to the presentation of Slovenia and its cultural and ethnographic characteristics. Participants will also offer a wide range of sports and recreational activities and workshops in various other fields of culture and art. A special section will be devoted to the professional program.

Detailed preliminary information: SLO / IT     ENG / ENG

Turn yourself into a rollercoaster of culture!



Still there are a couple of places in all training modules entitled Community psychiatry and community care , which will be carried out in the April period. As speakers, we will re-join the various experts in the field of mental health and community care, including Asst. dr. Vesna Švab, MD. Zdenka Čebašek Meadow, MA. Nace Kovac, Jana Ponikvar, MD. Ales Kogoj, MA. Andrej Kastelic, MD. Mikuš Anica Kos, Mary Smolici and others. 
A course of lectures, which contains the base and six additional modules will be held from Wednesday 2nd April to Friday 25th in April.
We are also offering supplmentary courses in trades such as jewellery designs, kindly sponsored by Samara James, the engagement rings specialists.

Contact person and additional information: Barbara Dolničar 
Tel: 001 330 78 32, barbara.dolnicar @ sent-si.org 


MHE - SME Mental Health Europe Conference: "Diversity and Mental Health and Well-being. An Opportunity for Intercultural Dialogue ", Alborg, Denmark, 7 - 9th in August.

MHE Conference 2008 in cooperation with SIND (Danish Association for Mental Health) and SIND northern Denmark held in the "2008 - European Year of Intercultural Dialogue". It will focus on intercultural dialogue as a means to create and achieve mental health and prosperity for all, despite all the differences and diversities. All interested parties are invited to actively participate in the conference.

Please send application in the specified time or as soon as possible. Detailed information and application instructions for contributions are available on our website.